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Australia's Adelaide-class Frigates: Best and Last Chance for the Philippine Navy to Acquire Oliver Hazard Perry Frigates

While it was already discussed numerous times here in MaxDefense Philippines blogs and in our Facebook community, the Philippine Navy has been consistent in the past that they are not keen on getting the Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates. This is due to the ship's high operating cost which stems out from the ship's use of gas turbine engines as its main propulsion.

But with the Philippine Navy struggling to build a formidable fleet of capable, newer fighting ships, is it not really possible for them to reconsider the possibility of having the Oliver Hazard Perry frigates in its fleet?

The US Navy's Oliver Hazard Perry-class Frigates:

This class of general purpose frigates, also known as Perry or OHP class, are robust warships built for the United States Navy to provide fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) platform with respectable surface warfare capabilities, and can be used individually for patrol missions.

Aside from the USN, other friendly navies like the Royal Australian N…

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